About Ian Thompson Design

Ian Thompson Design is owned and operated by New Zealand Projects International Limited, a New Zealand-based company established in 2001. Ian himself is the founder and joint owner of New Zealand Projects International, a multi-disciplinary international creative agency that offers property development, project management, advisory, and sales and distribution services primarily in New Zealand and Australia.

Ian’s career began over 35 years ago, working on some of the United Kingdom’s largest building and construction projects. Shortly thereafter, he established his first business in London, providing project management and consulting services. In 2001, he relocated to New Zealand, where he expanded his services to include custom product design and the construction of sustainable and energy-efficient homes. Ian’s designs and expertise inspire us to truly enjoy and thrive in our living spaces, a privilege not many truly experience.

Ian is known for his approachability, love of challenges, and tendency to question conventional norms. He strongly believes in designing for both people and the planet, prioritizing the use of healthy and sustainable products, materials, and practices to achieve extraordinary results. Thanks to his extensive international network, Ian is capable of offering solutions for nearly any creative challenge in the design and building industry. For instance, his custom lighting projects involve collaboration with Europe’s leading lighting artisans and artists, and his lighting sculptures can be found in some of the world’s finest hotels, restaurants, and luxury residences.

Ian describes his clients as individuals who are slightly unconventional, highly creative, and less inclined to follow mainstream trends. They recognize that purchasing heavily marketed global brands does not necessarily guarantee quality. Ian’s clients seek the best possible outcomes for their investments, and he never compromises on quality when working with them.

Ian is also the editor of The Build Review, an educational planning, design, and building platform that empowers its global audience to build better quality, healthier, energy-efficient, and sustainable buildings at a more cost-effective rate. Please visit The Build Review website here..