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Project Lighting New Zealand

Our sister company Project Lighting New Zealand helps highly creative Architects, Designers and project owners enhance their designs with the highest quality handmade decorative lighting sculptures, and architectural lighting products, all sourced directly from Europe’s leading artists, artisans and manufacturers. Contact Project Lighting New Zealand to learn about their comprehensive lighting services, including: lighting design, procurement, custom manufacturing, logistics support, project management and installation, provided in New Zealand, and beyond.

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Enlightenment Is Not Just One State

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Brightening Up Staircases

Designing staircase that are more than functional structures spanning between floors can be a challenge. Usually they just consume valuable space that designers can't really do anything with. They disrupt level flow and are rarely pleasing to the eye. However, there are ways to make staircases more interesting, even focal points by incorporating a tall…

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Do Your Self Realizations Quickly Fade Away?

We’ve all heard how crucial it is to set intentions, goals and targets. Powerful goals electrify us. Clear intentions energize and pull us forward. Without a clearcut intention, we’re reactive and don’t get around to doing the important things when we want them done. Instead, we spend our time fighting random fires. Without clear intentions,…

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Change Your Mind Change Your Luck

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