Lighting Design Services

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Custom Lighting Design

Our custom lighting design capability is one of the broadest and best in the world. Extraordinary product design is of course paramount, however, the manufacturing quality, experience and processes are just as important! At Ian Thompson Design we know how to design for manufacture, it comes with years of experience working with the finest European artists and artisans. We carefully vet and select the world's leading lighting manufacturers ensuring our clients get the best-of-the-best lighting sculptures, first time, every time, on budget and to schedule. We never compromise on quality because it always shows in your project's ability to amaze.
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Architectural Lighting Design

At Ian Thompson Design we manage architectural interior and exterior lighting design services provided through trusted lighting design specialists, ensuring that you have the right lighting specified for the right task. We will help you design a scheme that will bring out the key features of your home, yacht, commercial, hospitality and hotel project, and enhance your interactive space and style like never before. Although Ian Thompson Design offers the widest selection of premium decorative and architectural products we can upon request subcontract the lighting design to specialists who will be impartial when it comes to product and brand selection, so rest assured you will have exactly the right products to reach your design goals. Our architectural lighting design partners are based in Australia and New Zealand, and can work on any project globally. Ian Thompson Design offers a procurement management service that will liaise with your chosen suppliers and manage the logistics and supply to most project sites globally, on time and to budget.
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Audio Visual Design

At Ian Thompson Design we're working with the very latest audio-visual technologies to further enhance our custom lighting projects. We're adding visual movement and sound to create environments that are truly unique and changeable in a moment’s notice. No longer do designers have to stick with permanent canvases (walls and ceilings), they can create multi-functional environments that stimulate and change with the time of day, enhance brands and provide information for their occupants.