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I think you’ll agree that when we’re busy we forget about telling our story to potential new customers what we do, how we make a difference, that we offer something different, that we’re actually here to help!

My casing point is I was chatting to an Architect last week who was referred to our company by a customer of ours and he mentioned that after checking our website out he didn’t realise that some of the lighting and sculptures we produced were actually available, or even possible to make. Then I realised that I had actually dropped the ball, I had been so busy lately that I forgot to keep up with email marketing, social networking and good old-fashioned face-to-face networking – telling our story.

Our problem is we operate in a niche where custom isn’t the norm. Over the years we’ve seen Architectural lighting, decorative lighting, art, Audio Visual, automation, AR and Information technology overlap, even merge into a conglomeration of feature-packed design elements and services that are rarely advertised as a whole, normally individual specialists of each field telling a small piece of the story. I’m sure this is a problem in all industries as innovation and competition drives companies to look for new products and services to gain more customers and more income.

The traditional Architectural lighting manufacturers are even marketing their products as decorative elements now. I’m working on a hotel project that has no less than eight lighting companies all selling their wares. They are all jostling for more share of the pie – all with varying qualities and price points. The developers are trying to cut corners because the budget is blown. Same old story right?!

The kneejerk reactions from these very same project owners is redirect their attention to the company that can offer the cheapest solution for the perceived same result, but we all know what happens there.

So my diatribe won’t solve any problems, most probably fall on deaf ears, the construction industry will continue to tailspin out of control as much as it ever has. My lesson to myself is even though we’re busy we need to put our heads up above the parapet from time to time to remind our old and potential new customers that we’re here to help drive the right results at the outset of the project, not at the end when all the toys are being thrown out of the pram. We all need to remember “Cheap is expensive” and cutting corners always shows.

So taking my own medicine my team and partners are all here to help. We even give advice and guidance for free! Yes free.

Visit www.beyondbespoke.com.au (or Email: [email protected]) to learn more about how we can add true value and extraordinary style to your premium new build or renovation projects.

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BTW the video is a little taster of innovation, craftsmanship and function in action. One of our favourites from last year. Enjoy.

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